I have been preparing to launch a Dapp on Optimism Mainnet. This felt like an appropriate time to look back at at that first moment of inspiration.

I first conceived of this project 10 years ago (while taking a shower) – and immediately bought a domain name:

My original inspiration was bitcoin’s OP_RETURN though I was mining Litecoin at that time due to hash difficulty.

Some time before that I attended a meetup in La Jolla, Ca where Vitalik gave a remote presentation about Ethereum’s upcoming DAO – I was honored to get to ask him an embarrassingly simple question like “How do you make a DAO” – [I think we are collectively still working on that question].

I believe we are now seeing a slow motion revolution happen. A global inversion of the control of data as a public good. Rather than private companies having sole control of data flows, users can now opt-in to leaderless platforms that have incentivized reasons to exist, and to continue existing.

This opens a new space for ideas to intermix, and evolve in a way that could not happen before this web3 commons came into existence.

Even now 10 years later I’m continually inspired to build tools that hasten this inversion, and I can’t wait to see what we build next.

Information wants to flow & “Information wants to be free.” This is why I’m building